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Our Story

Doctors told Kristi that her son would never walk or talk again. See how she proved them wrong…

Sania Jamil

Founder & CEO

Sania Jamil graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, a Minor in Sales, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. Now, she owns and helps run 3 preschools in Texas. She also runs a business blog called @howgr8pplthink, which chronicles her small business and startup journey.

Naush Khiljee

Operations Officer

Naush Khiljee graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science in Geophysics and a Minor in Mathematics from the University of Houston. He went on to work as a geophysicist, where he gained experience in project management, Lean Six Sigma, and technology. His entrepreneurial career began after marrying Sania Jamil. The husband and wife team are committed to revolutionizing the way parents interact with their babies one box at a time.

Dr. Kristi

Chief R&D

Dr. Kristi has a background in medicine, child psychology, and nutrition. Throughout her career she’s served on various boards and panels promoting early childhood education and is the CEO of Renaissance Health & Nutrition LLC, which promotes optimization of the body and mind for a lifetime of success. She has a history of providing healthcare services to various professional athletic teams and organizations. She has five wonderful children who have acted as a motivational factor to utilize and motivate her education and desire to provide the optimal foundation for all children. She now is dedicated to teaching, speaking and writing publications on various subjects related to her fields and interests.