Sign Language/Spanish Words to Practice at Home

Along with our April activities, we’ve included a list of various Spanish & Sign Language words to practice. You can access a printable copy here:

Recipes for Edible Paint

I’ve never hesitated with doing art projects with children as early as a few months old, whether that be hand print art or finger painting. I do, however, like to

The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is the “swiss army knife of oils” with a variety of use. Here are a few of the uses: 1. Universal oil, balancing body & adapting to body’s

On Overcoming Difficult Times

Overcoming Difficult Times Tough Times “In 6 years we went from food stamps and no work to paying off our debts and buying a home,” said Nikki from @nephotog. “I’m

Vanessa’s Heart Journey

Vanessa’s Heart Journey Super Mom @heatherallgor is a super-hero mom that lives in Dover, DE. She’s a registered nurse and never knew something was wrong with her daughter Vanessa’s heart

5 Tips to Handle a Toddler Tantrum

5 Tips to Handle a Toddler Tantrum Terrible Twos They don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing. Most of us have experienced a Texas-sized tantrum with our toddler. We’re

Sign Language: Not Just for the Deaf

Sign Language: Not Just for the Deaf Hand-Eye Development Teaching children sign language from a young age is beneficial in many ways.  Because hand-eye coordination develops faster than verbal skills,children can